Strength. Experience. Vision.

Gradison is a family company and recognized leader in residential land development of communities across central Indiana and southwest Ohio, and custom home building in Indianapolis.

From land acquisition through completed community, Gradison plants thriving neighborhoods where people enjoy a comfortable, livable community. We are proud to say we have developed and sold thousands of homesites, delivering the kind of harmonious balance between living and green space that Midwest homeowners want and expect. With numerous developments currently underway, we have vast expertise engineering large, complex developments designed to honor natural environments and take advantage of prime economic, growth and cultural opportunities.

We pride ourselves on our longstanding partnership-collaborations with some of the regions’ top home builders, banks, investors, and contractors, as well as local governments and county and city planners. It takes everyone working as a team to pull off noteworthy developments of this caliber. Blending our interest in architecture with our long history in real estate development and construction, we have the financial strength to get the job done.

Building a legacy, Gradison
Building a legacy, Gradison


Our ability to transform the natural landscape into sought-after residential communities is backed by our knowledge of land acquisition, real estate development and construction management from our family-owned construction business going back 100 years. Our family business legacy involved engineering, road construction and sitework businesses all the way back to our Great Grandfather Joseph Gradison who started Gradison Construction in Cincinnati Ohio in 1910. . Grandfather Wolford and his Brother Jules Gradison carried the road construction business forward moving it to Indianapolis after World War II where Wolford was decorated by Gen Patton for his efforts building bridges. Father David Gradison joined the family business in the early 1960’s after serving his country and started the residential development division in the late 1970’s. Mark and Joe joined the business in the mid 1980’s adding Custom Home Building to the Gradison mix of businesses.

Now, Mark and Joe, with over 30 years of their continuous ownership, assemblance of a very capable team, practical experience and creative execution, Gradison is deeply grounded in the design-development- construction disciplines that bring a unique scope of expertise covering all facets of land development—concept to completion. This deep-rooted experience in all phases of land development and construction arms us to manage every nuance of residential development without limitation, simply building on what we know as we proudly carry on the Gradison legacy.


If you have property that you’d like to investigate the feasibility of developing the land for residential uses, contact us and we would be happy to see if we can to turn your property into our next great community.